The oldest most Trusted Plotter Paper Supplier on the Web; began as a delivery company to Architects and Engineers in Atlanta in 1995. If you have never heard the story of the beginning of Summit Media then here are some cliff notes; Dan Bull, a foster child tossed from family to family in the state system, left his last foster family at age 16. His drive to “make a difference in the world somehow” made him an over achiever. Never feeling like he “fit in”, he used to say, one thing he did right was treat others how he wished to be treated.

With one old Chevy, and living with a friend, he started Summit delivering paper; ‘on site’ day after day, late hours and early mornings. We can often remember him saying “The customer is always right, give them what they need and they will be there like family” Summit’s customers were his family. Dan passed away 6 years ago, yet his dream of TOP SERVICE lives on.
Today, no matter what state you are in, with our 26 warehouses throughout the states we serve you with top quality products. Canon, Hp,Dietzgen, Encad, KIP, Oce we have built the relationships one at a time.
We offer American products along with great service with one goal in mind; “serving you”.
Call today to speak with a live person, 60+ year of experience in the reprographic industry.
plotter paper

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