Plotter Paper

Plotter Paper… do you know why it is called plotter paper?  It is not because the paper is made out of old plotters – the reason is because the paper is made especially for a plotter.  Thing is today plotters are not made the way they once were, therefore, the name has become an American Slang word yet it still signifies that it is paper made for plotter.

The Inkjet Plotter arrived as Dot Matrix begin to leave. It was the HP ThinkJet coined the inkJet and homed its birth.

Here are some of our plotter paper info perhaps you would like to see more of or know more about:

There is 24 x 150 plotter paper that is defined by its 24″ wide plotter paper side in a roll of 150 feet

30 inches wide-format printer paper X 150ft. Rolls which are 30 inches x 150ft. also can be written 150ft x 30 inch wide-format paper inches.


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